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Doula Services

New England Doula Support offers a variety of services.

Doula Services

New England Doula Support offers a variety of services.

Sunrise Morning Doula

Sunrise Doula

Typically between 5:00 am-10:00 am

Are you looking to start your day off right and set yourself up for success?  During sunrise doula services, your doula can not only care for you by giving you time to take a shower or a nap, but can help with the dishwasher, laundry, meal prep, and get your laundry started and folded.

Sunset Afternoon Doula

Sunset Doula

Typically between 3:00pm - 11:00pm

Doula support in the late afternoon and evening can help the time of the day commonly referred to as the “witching hours” less stressful by helping to make dinner, soothe the baby, and create time for partner connection. 

Overnight Newborn Care

Overnight Doula

8 hour minimum

Your Overnight Doula support is tailored to what your family desires. The role of the doula is to support the mother if nursing, bringing her a glass of water and then taking care of everything else – burping, comforting, cuddling, diapering, swaddling, and putting them down on their backs in the crib or bassinet to begin to set the good sleep foundation. The service can be anytime from the first night home to several times per week, to seven nights per week, or for several months.

Labor Doula

Labor Doula

A Labor Doula attends the birthing family before, during and just after birth. The certified Labor Doula is trained to provide emotional support from home to birth site. The doula helps to ease the transition into the birthing environment, is there through changing staff shifts, serves as a labor support partner to give the birthing parent and her partner the added comfort of additional support throughout the entire labor process.

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