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Ways a Postpartum Doula Can Help You

Newborn Care, Postpartum Doula

Let’s be real. The prospect of having a baby is both joyful and anxiety provoking. Some expecting parents have little to no experience holding a baby, caring for them, or changing a diaper. That’s OK! It’s normal. What’s not necessary is for new parents to have to struggle in the first weeks and months when welcoming their baby home. That’s where hiring a postpartum doula can be a valuable asset to new families.

Why Parents Choose a Trained Postpartum Doula

Newborn Care Doula

When families contact us, sometimes they are asking for a night nurse, night nanny, or an overnight nurse. They hear terms from their friends or family and aren’t really certain what they mean exactly. They have a general understanding that they are looking for an overnight support person who helps with newborn care while the parents get some rest.