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Newborn Care Doula

When families contact us, sometimes they are asking for a night nurse, night nanny, or an overnight nurse. They hear terms from their friends or family and aren’t really certain what they mean exactly. They have a general understanding that they are looking for an overnight support person who helps with newborn care while the parents get some rest.

Here’s why clients choose a trained postpartum doula.  

When clients choose to partner with NEDS, they can rest assured that their postpartum doula is trained by one of a few international certification organizations that are dedicated to upholding and ensuring high quality standards for perinatal professionals.

Bryn‘s training is through CAPPA – Childbirth & Postpartum Professionals Association. The extensive training includes more than 20 hours of classroom time, required reading, client evaluations, self-reflections, multiple choice and essay exams to name a few. The certification is good for three years with CAPPA and to re-certify, the perinatal professionals must complete the required number of continuing education credits. CAPPA has a code of conduct and a scope of practice and provides professional support to it’s members. 

New England Doula Support Providers

The postpartum doulas at NEDS are ready to greet each new family with open arms, a helping hand, and a guiding approach to help ensure your family’s transition is as smooth as possible.

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